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In our continuous effort to provide a safe environment for all of our students, the staff at Cooley is requesting that cupcakes and other food items no longer be brought into school for birthdays and other celebrations during lunchtime. We do encourage families to celebrate and recognize birthdays and other special occasions; however, we are requesting that you do so with alternative items. Such items could include:

        • pencils

        • stickers

        • erasers

        • crayons or markers

        • bookmarks

On occasion, teachers may plan celebrations quarterly in which food items are brought into the classroom. This practice will continue as it allows considerations to be made ahead of time for those students with special dietary needs. We appreciate your support as we continue to refine and evaluate practices that benefit all of our students.

Further details concerning quarterly parties:

One classroom party per quarter may be held during regular instructional time. These parties will encompass all birthdays which occurred prior to the date of the party (and after the date of the previous quarterly party).

Q1- Week of October 26th

Q2- Week of January 11th

Q3- Week of March 28th

Q4- Last 5 days of the school year

Q1- students with June through October birthdays, all holidays that fall within that span (Halloween), should be celebrated during one time period

Q2- Can be in addition to a party in December prior to Winter Break but each may not last beyond a class period and the incorporation of authentic reading/ math investigations or STEM is encouraged

Q3- January through March can be in addition to a Valentines Party but each may not last beyond a single class period and the incorporation of authentic reading/ math investigations or STEM is encouraged

Q4- all remaining birthdays and holidays.

If you have specific questions, please contact your child's teacher in advance of your child's birthday/ quarterly celebration dates.

Some celebrations may have additional food restrictions due to food allergies or other medical factors.