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Our School

D.G. Cooley Constitution:

"I will always do my best to make sure that everyone is safe, happy, and able to learn."

The Cooley Constitution is recited each morning as part of the morning announcement routine. This statement was the start of implementing Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports (PBIS) at D. G. Cooley Elementary School. The school continues to work diligently to further implement PBIS at Cooley.

Core Values at D. G. Cooley Elementary School

It is our belief, at D. G. Cooley Elementary School, that to meet the needs of our children and to provide them with the essential skills needed to contribute to society, there must be a close working relationship between the home, school, and community. We can strive to develop in our children skills that will help them emotionally, socially, and academically. D. G. Cooley Elementary School is committed to fostering children’s emotional, social, and academic development.

We Believe That Our Primary Responsibilities Are:

  • To develop each child’s uniqueness, self-awareness, and self-confidence

  • To develop skills and the willingness to face and solve the academic, technical, and social problems which they will encounter on a global scale

  • To provide the guidance which will encourage intellectual curiosity in children

  • To develop the basic learning skills and problem solving abilities necessary for academic success

We believe the school environment should be pleasant, safe, secure, and as rich and varied as possible to meet the divergent needs of the students and their community. This environment should promote a sense of responsibility and knowledge of methods for its care and preservation.

It is our belief that the teacher-student relationship should hold warmth and concern for the individual while setting high standards of behavior and self-responsibility.

Believing that each child is an individual, we shall attempt to challenge each student to perform at the highest level of his or her ability.

Vision of Clarke County Public Schools

Our vision is that every student will learn to be a responsible citizen, who will continue to learn, think and create innovative solutions for our ever-changing world.

Core Values of Clarke County Public Schools

Love of Learning: We value an environment that is safe, respectful, caring, trusting and engaging.

Excellence: We pursue excellence through innovation and creativity.

Community: We value a learning community where all individuals have an equal voice as we collaborate to solve problems and seek new opportunities.

Responsibility: We are accountable to each other and engage the community with honesty, integrity and transparency.