D. G. Cooley Elementary offers many unique opportunities for students. Some of the activities that students have been part of in recent years include:
Chorus (Grades 4/5)
Band (Grade 5)
Book Clubs (Grades 2-5)
LEGO Clubs (Grades 2-5)
Weaving Club (Grades 2/3)
Zentangle Club (Grades 2/3)
Panther Press (Grades 3-5)
STEM Club (Grades 2/3 and 4/5) in cooperation with local 4-H

The school hosts the following events yearly:
Early Childhood Literacy Night
Early Childhood Math Night
Family Reading Night
Family Math Night
Science Fair (Grades 3-5)
PTO Carnival
PTO Bingo for Books
PTO Fall Event
Winter Concert
Spring Performance (Most recently featured a Family Hoe Down)
Preschool Recognition and Graduation
5th Grade Recognition

The school has the following assemblies each year (as available):
Theater IV Presentation
Quarterly Honor Roll Celebration
Bullying Prevention Kick Off
High School Chorus Presentation 
High School Band Presentation
High School Theater Presentation

Beginning this fall, we are procuring staff support for an opportunity for students in grades 1-5 to be part of SCA and for students in grades 4/5 to be part of Safety Patrol.
The school is currently looking for a parent or parent group to offer chess on a weekly basis after school.